Companies large and small count on Plus Fabrication to help them build great products from prototyping to short run production: 


PlusFab has helped these Organizations (and many more) build better, faster. 


3D Printing

Choose from a variety of materials and resolutions to turn your concept into a physical model fast (parts in days) 


  • polished finishes
  • rubbery elastomer parts 
  • tough, high strength materials
Order a 3D Print

High Fidelity Models

Great looking sample models for trade shows, sales tools or engineering validation before production

Special Capabilities:

  • intrinsic color

  • durable rubber and plastic parts 

  • clear or translucent parts


Short Run Production 

Parts and assemblies from 10-1,000 for beta testing, user studies or early-adopter sales


  • molded inserts

  • over molding

  • materials to simulate injection molded parts 


Not sure which process is right for you?

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